Yin Yang

Continually serving one another in a cycle of light and dark, wet and dry, warm and cold, opposing opposites coming together in order to create balance and harmony.
Always remembering that everything is a spectrum.
Always remember that we cannot have one without the other.
Always remembering that things are forever changing. Reforming and morphing.

We can group most anything as Yin or Yang

The categorizing of something is subjective – meaning personal feelings and opinion.
The categorizing of something can also be changing, as it is a spectrum.
To categorize a rock as either yin or yang can be difficult.

A rock can be a massive jagged bolder full of lines of crystal and granite, it may be dry, and warm. We may consider it Yang in character.
A rock can be found on a beach, small, smooth, darkened, and cold. We may consider it Yin in character.


In Traditional Chinese Medicine, wholeness is a union of opposites. These opposite and complementary aspects are the yin and the yang. Yin and yang are in constant motion and each is a part of the other. Yin represents passivity and restfulness and is associated more with substance than with energy. Yang is activity and aggressiveness and is the energy that directs movement and supports substance. Yin and Yang coexist and are dependent on one another. Health and wellbeing result from a balance of yin and yang energy.

Dossey, B. M., Keegan, L., Barrere, C. C., & Helming, M. B. A. (2015b). Holistic Nursing: A Handbook for Practice (7th ed.). Jones & Bartlett Learning.

We can utilize the concept and philosophy of Yin and Yang as a method to help find balance in our lives and promote our unique version of wellbeing and existing within our world.


We can take the properties that apply to yin and yang to determine unbalanced areas within ourselves and use the principles to bring balance. If we turn inward we can understand our definition of wellness and our path to innate healing.

Our search and self discovery could uncover a depression, lacking, or weakness in the body, mind, or spirit. Using the principles of yin and yang we can determine this to be an area of an unbalanced yin. We can begin our healing by incorporating and turning towards more yang practices, foods, and principles to aid in our healing.

Understanding that the flow of yin and yang energy is connected. The introduction of one, will have an impact and corresponding shift in the other. Similar to colour theory, the introduction of orange combines with the blue creating a neutral effect. Both colours are there, but neither one is overpowering or dominate.

Understanding ourself while looking into the version of we’d like to become, we can add a little yin into our lives, a splash of yang. Shifting and morphing, ebbing and flowing, adding and subtracting, until you can find your balance.

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