Holistic Nurse Coaching

Who is a Professional Nurse Coach?
A Registered Nurse who integrates coaching competencies into any setting or specialty area of practice to facilitate a process of change or development that assists individuals or groups to realize their potential.

What is Professional Nurse Coaching?
A skilled, purposeful, results-oriented, and structured relationship-centred interaction with clients provided by registered nurses for the purpose of promoting achievement of client goals.

Dossey, Barbara Montgomery, et al. Nurse Coaching: Integrative Approaches for Health and Wellbeing. International Nurse Coach Association, 2015.

What is Holistic Nursing?
A skilled, purposeful, results-oriented, and structured relationship-centered interaction with clients provided by Registered Nurses. They use skills and knowledge that integrate body- mind-emotion-spirit.


Using specific theories, methods, and principles that integrate the individuals bio-psycho-spiritual-cultural-environmental dimensions, the Professional Nurse Coach is able to aid the client in the direction of human flourishing by establish a co-creative partnership with the client where the client is the expert of their own care and identifies priorities and areas for change.

Let me break it down . . .

What are Nurse Coaches used for?
Nurse Coaches can help with contributing to the health, wellbeing, healing, and longevity of an individual. This will look different from person to person as we are all unique in our goals, our beliefs, and our definitions of health and wellbeing.

Some common areas Nurse Coaches are facilitate change:

  • Goal setting
  • Organization
  • Weight management
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Time management
  • Productivity

The above areas are specific and goal orientated, which is great! BUT as humans. . .

Not That Simple Notebook GIF - Not That Simple Notebook Ally GIFs
  • Not living by your values
  • Not even knowing what your values are
  • Not meeting goals, even when you set them for yourself
  • Not being able to maintain healthy habits and changes, consistently starting and stopping
  • Feeling out of alignment
  • Feeling like something is off
  • Feeling useless, unfulfilled, or unsatisfied
  • Fearing death and dying
  • Imbalance in ones energy field
  • Limiting beliefs holding you back
  • Negative self talk

Unsure of ourselves and lost in direction sometimes we’re not really sure what’s wrong. Sometimes we don’t know what to do or where to go next. 
Holistic Nurse Coaches look at wellness as a whole, they understand the mind-body-spirit alignment that needs to occur for healing and change to happen.

What can a Nurse Coach do?
A Nurse Coach will be able to guide you along your journey, celebrate in your successes, educate you, hold you accountable, offer you support, empowerment, and comfort. Nurse Coaches are able to facilitate self discovery, reconnection, enhance resiliency, uncover vulnerability, and ultimately create a safe space where transformation and growth can occur.

The American Holistic Nurses Association nicely describes the role, responsibilities, and criteria for certification for Nurse Coaching here.

When should I consider working with a Nurse Coach?
If you’re ready to make the change then now is the perfect time to work collaboratively with a nurse coach.
If you do not have an actionable goal or clear direction, but you innately know something needs to change, then working with a nurse coach can help you begin your journey.

Holistic Nurse Coach advantage
Nurses have regulatory and licensing bodies, they must strictly adhere to.
Nurses in Canada are a self-regulated professional, this means:
“The government has delegated its regulatory authority to those with the specialized knowledge required to do the job.
A self-regulating profession protects the public interest by setting standards of competency and conduct, and disciplines members that fail to meet them.”
– definition from The Ontario College of Teachers, but this can be carried over for Nurses as well.

There is the Canadian Nurses Association, and each province has it’s own College. Nurses are bound to a Code of Ethics, written by the Association. Nurses must renew their license yearly to legally practice. Nurses must prove they meet the governing criteria to serve and protect the public.

Holistic Nursing Certification Exam
Nurse Coach Certification Exam
Standards of Practice

When you team up with a Holistic Nurse Coach you are partnering with Registered Nurse who has advance education and certification; Govern by rules and regulations that must be adhere too.

Innikki, RN

Uniquely you was created to aid individuals who want to tap into and discover their own innate healing abilities. People who are ready to change. People who are starting to see the repeating patterns in their lives and want to break the cycle. People who feel a disconnect within themselves and are ready to make that reconnection. People who want to address the root cause. People who want to be prepared. People who want to design their future without fear. People who want to take a proactive, preventative stance. People who believe that there are alternative routes in which healing can take place. People who are ready to take charge and accountability in their lives.
We will work together to rebuild the connection between mindbodyspirit. We will notice, feel, and acknowledge our being. We will uncover negative repeating patterns with a gentle curiosity, hush the limiting beliefs, and work towards creating a sustainable authentic lifestyle.
Uniquely you promotes health, wellbeing, and healing through honesty with oneself, acceptance, and loving thyself despite the ware our body, mind, and spirit has faced within our lifetime.

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